Magister Syllabus

Objective of The Master Degree Program

The Master Degree in Islamic Economics and Finance in the Postgraduate Program in Islamic Economics and Finance (IEF) at Trisakti University is the first step of preparation for admission into the Doctoral Program in IEF. In Master Program students are thoroughly grounded in economic theory, Tafseer (commentary) of the Qur’an, interpretation of Hadith, and knowledge of Fiqh al-Muamalat plus sound operational knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer modeling for the analysis of problems of Islamic economics, finance, accounting and management. A firm basis is provided in theoretical and applied knowledge of Islamic economics and finance and its allied fields together with possible application in the context of Indonesia.

a well-grounded knowledge in theory and application leads the student into the further advanced stream in Doctoral (PH.D.) Program, or seek jobs in the job market. Very good preparation and GPA are needed in the Master Degree in a suitable discipline to enter the advanced research stream of the Doctoral Program.

Admission Test & Matriculation

Master's Degree in Islamic Economics and Finance at IEF Postgraduate Program accept all students from all disciplines (Economics and non- Economics Graduates) local or overseas graduates and transferred student from other Master's Degree Program. All Students should take matriculation program if he/she could not pass standard passing grades determined by the program the following are subjectts to be tested.